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What is EQ Extra?

Developed by Psysoft, EQ Extra is a series of short, animated videos to help enhance your understanding of emotional intelligence. EQ Extra is ideal for anyone looking to develop emotional intelligence in their organisations or with their clients.


Each 5-minute video explores a different area of emotional intelligence, including what it means and why it’s important, and provides 3 practical development strategies for you and your clients or colleagues.

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What does EQ Extra include?

15 Videos

The EQ Extra series consists of 15 bite-sized videos, exploring the 15 different areas of emotional intelligence

Development Strategies

There are 3 development strategies for each area of emotional intelligence that are informed by existing research and literature

Development Plans

Each video is accompanied by a development plan to encourage individual goal setting. These use the START goal framework.

What are the benefits of EQ Extra?

Bite-sized Format

The bitesize format of these videos means people can access the series to fit their busy schedules and gain an insight into their emotional intelligence in a short space of time.

Each video is 5-6 minutes long and can be viewed separately or as a whole series, depending on your needs.

Compatible with the EQ-i 2.0 

EQ Extra is compatible with the EQ-i 2.0 model of emotional intelligence. This makes it an ideal resource to use alongside the EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 assessments.

Added Value

EQ Extra enhances the value of your current emotional intelligence offering by providing additional support and resources to those wanting to develop their emotional intelligence.

Flexible Offering

These videos can be used in a variety of ways, including as a stand-alone course or alongside feedback sessions, coaching, workshops, and development programmes.

The Business and Premium plans also allow you to upload the videos onto your organisation's own internal learning platform for even more flexibility.

The EQ Extra Series

Self perception icon.png

1. Developing Self Regard

2. Developing Self Actualisation

3. Developing Emotional Self Awareness

4. Developing Emotional Expression

5. Developing Assertiveness

6. Developing Independence

7. Developing Interpersonal Relationships

8. Developing Empathy

9. Developing Social Responsibility

Decision Making icon.png

10. Developing Problem Solving

11. Developing Reality Testing

12. Developing Impulse Control

Stress Management icon.png

​13. Developing Flexibility

14. Developing Stress Tolerance

15. Developing Optimism

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